About sessions

To find out more please call
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How long does therapy last?

CBT is designed to be brief in nature – many clients find that 10 sessions are sufficient for their needs. Sessions last 50 minutes and are usually arranged weekly.

Getting started

Before setting up an appointment we’ll have a conversation by telephone, so that you can ask questions and decide whether you feel comfortable to work with me.

The first session involves gathering information about you and finding out what you want from therapy (your goals). I’ll encourage you to make these goals specific, so that we can see how we're progressing against them as therapy continues.

What goes on in sessions

In each session, my purpose will be to gain a good understanding of your concerns. We’ll agree an agenda to work on each time and look at new ways of thinking and behaving in situations that you’re finding difficult. You’ll be able to test out these new techniques between meetings and report back on results.

What we discuss in sessions, and the fact you are a client, is kept confidential. To find out more about my confidentiality policy go to FAQs.

We’ll check on progress as we go along and help you prepare to tackle problems yourself and become your own therapist once our sessions have ended.

The way forward

Therapy is a form of learning and like learning anything new, change won’t happen immediately. The more you use what you’ve discovered, and experiment with different ways of thinking and behaving, the more this change becomes part of your new self.


Initial telephone consultation – no charge

Each subsequent session - £45